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I'm Saket Gupta

SEO and Google Product Expert

Professionally, an SEO Consultant, and a Google Search Product Expert. Through continously learning and implementing the best SEO practices, I efficiently convert organic search into the most profitable and expandable digital marketing channel.

I elevate my proficiency by engaging in persistent practice and, ensuring my skills are always at the forefront of industry standards to realize the difference between a website and an optimized website with some learning and research. You could be stuck at the same phase too, and I’m happy to share knowledge understand various elements in website positioning, optimizing, content marketing and other SEO aspects.

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On-Page SEO
Technical SEO
Digital Marketing
Data Analysis
Off-Page SEO

Where can I help you!

Optimize Your Website

If you are creating a new website or you already have a website, then why not optimize beforehand? Know More

Fix Your SEO-Related Issues

I thoroughly enjoy solving SEO challenges. If you have any, we can solve them together. Submit SEO Issue

Market Your Content

Let's create SEO-rich content that engages your audience, enhancing your brand's online visibility.

Enrich Your SEO Knowledge

It's hard to understand look-like mundane guidelines that trouble your website. Understand them here with simple Hindi and English languages with examples.

Track Your Website Progress

Understand your website and strategize it towards ascending progress through free SEO reports. Free SEO Reports List

Automate Your Regular Tasks

I built some tools for my SEO tasks because SEO is not about expertise in coding. We can work with them together. Free SEO Tools List


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