About Schema Markup Testing Tools

About Rich Results Test Tool

Rich Results Test Tool is a free online tool that checks whether a page has implemented rich results. Rich results are special enhancements to search results that provide more information and interactivity than ordinary search results.

[Open Rich Results Test]

The Rich Results Test Tool is easy to use. Just enter the URL of the page you want to test and click the "Test" button. The tool will then check whether the page has implemented rich results and if so, will show you what the rich results look like.

The Google Rich Results Test Tool is a great way to see how your pages can benefit from rich results. It's also a great way to test your pages before submitting them for the index in the Google Search.

About Schema Markup Validator

Schema.org is a collaborative, open-source project led by Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, and Yandex. It provides a collection of schemas, i.e. HTML tags, that webmasters can use to markup their pages in a way that can be understood by the major search engines.

[Open Schema Markup Validator]

Schema.org also provides a validator tool, which can be used to check the markup of a web page. The validator tool is available in both HTML and JSON formats.

An HTML validator is a simple tool that allows you to enter the URL of a web page and check the markup for errors. The validator tool can also be used to check the markup of a web page for the microdata structure data types. Both The tools can be used to check the markup of a web page for the following schemas:

  • Article,
  • BlogPosting,
  • Book,
  • Event,
  • JobPosting,
  • LocalBusiness,
  • Product,
  • Review,
  • and more.
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