About: iSKGTi.com (English)

A little information about iSKGTi.com, This website went live by Saket Gupta in 2020. You can read more about Saket Gupta on the About Saket Gupta page.

The main motive for creating iSKGTi.com is that to help new web developer or the new webmaster, they should be informed about SEO, Google guidelines, webmaster tools (search console) with simple language examples.

What content is available in iSKGTi.com?

  • SEO and Google Search Console related articles in Hindi and English language.
  • Webmasters And SEO Tools (Auto)
  • Website Related Reports (Manual)


Do we share the data taken by our site with anyone?

Not at all, we do not share any data of anyone's site with anyone.

Do you store/save the data that user fill in the tools?

Absolutely not, we have designed the tools accordingly, that as soon as the page is reloads, the data that the user has filled up will be deleted at the same time.

Do we share some cheats to rank in google?

In true terms, We do not even know but we ensure that the information given by us is varified by Google's documents and that it does not violate Google's rules.

How many people are in your team?

Well, just one, but sometimes I take help from my brother. (@________)

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