Search Engine Optimization Of Free Domain

My friends read my previous article and in it, I wrote about what to do with the old domain of WordPress and Blogger ,

Now their question comes to “how to start a blog?” because we don’t want to invent any on domain and hosting.

Users are reading or not reading the content that we are writing. To make sure we have to publish and index a blog for some time.

So I suggested to them that you can start your blog with the help of free content management systems (CMS) platforms like Blogger, Google Site, and WordPress, then they turned around and asked me some questions I have written below. If you have some similar questions, then it will help you as well.

  • Is free domains works?
  • Is free domains index in google?
  • Can we optimize the free domain?
  • Can we do SEO on a free domain?
  • Is that possible to rank a free domain?

It will be a bit difficult to answer the questions at once, so I answer all the questions one by one and try to give must information around the question.

So let’s start with the question no. 1.

Is free domains works?

See, the free domain thing comes in two ways. Firstly, if you are buying a hosting plan from a big brand, then they will provide you a free domain as a complementary, which is not comes in our case, We are trying to start with zero money like free of cost blogging,

So if you talk about the free domains, then the second option comes big CMS websites like I said Blogger or

As we are blogging just to check traffic trends and user interest, we can use these free sub-domain like free domains and they work like any other domain.


Is free domains index in google?

These domains also indexed in Google or Bing or Yandex like other top-level domain domains.

Can we optimize the free domain?

If we talk about free domain optimization, then the answer is 50-50. We can optimize also we can not optimization.

I am saying this because CMS give some facility, some do not and when we talk about optimization, then optimization comes in every way. For example, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, technical optimization, and so on and depends on which platform you using, and the capacity of that platform depends on how much you can optimize your blog.

Can we do SEO on a free domain?

This question is also similar to the previous questions that SEO depends on the capability of the tool or CMS.

Is that possible to rank a free domain?

This is the main question, can I rank a free domain on Google, Rather we should look at it in such a way that Why we cannot rank a free domain on Google?

The answer is very simple, the information that Google shows on the search results. It is taken from our website or blog, so if our information is not available elsewhere, then surely our blog or website or current we can say free domain will rank on top.

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