What to do with old Blogger and WordPress domain?

Many times it happens that we start blogging as a hobby, and whenever we think of doing something or search on Google, a lot of articles come out.

Almost all the articles suggest us to start blogging with a Blogger.com or Wordpress.com like CMS (content management system) because they are free and allow us to experience how a blog works.

Many people work hard to make their blog popular, on which good organic traffic also comes, and they now want to give a domain to this content or to their blog which will become its identity.

We know that whenever we create a free blog, its URL looks like this, which is not at all easy to tell any friend or any person.

  • Your-blog.blogspot.com
  • Your-blog.wordpress.com

And we want something like this:

  • my-blog.com

Okay, to improve it, we took a new domain and set it up. Now what to do with the old URL?

  • Should we keep the old URL like this? And make all the content live on the new domain?
  • Should we redirect the old URL to the new domain?
  • Will the URL address tool work in this?
  • Can we use the URL removal tool to remove the old URL?

According to me, redirecting (301) would be the right way, and we talk about Blogger or WordPress, whenever we set up a top-level domain or custom domain in these CMS, it can redirect all the pages by itself, which sometimes becomes a pain in the head.

If we do not update our old blog (CMS) and move to another platform, then we will have to do this by ourselves.

So as we are talking about redirects, Then Google automatically indexes the new URLs in place of the old URLs and we do not need to remove the old URLs.

And, If you are planning to upgrade the blog URL then, please remember there is no use of "URL Removal Tool" or "Address Change Tool" in the search console.

Now the question comes, what is the effect of changing the URL on the Google Search Console?

As we know, if anything changes in the URL, it becomes a new URL. So along the same lines, we have to create a new property on the search console also with the new domain.

As Google crawls and indexes your new domain, you will see that the data in your old property is decreasing and the data in the new property is increasing.

It can be said that data is shifting from one property to another. This can take some time which depends on your blog/website like how big your site is.

After some time, if you want, you can also delete the old property from the search console, but you must remember these things.

  • You will no longer receive notifications for the removed property.
  • If other verified property owners remain, the only effect is to remove the property from your list; other users will not be affected.
  • You will not be able to see any information about the property or access the property settings.
  • Your message history for the property will be retained.
  • If you are the last verified owner of a property, all users of the property will lose access to the property in Search Console.

I recently moved my website from blogspot.com to Google Sites, should I apply for change of address in Google Search Console?

Change of Address Tool in Search Console is only helpful when you move your site from one domain to another domain, But now you are just changing the platform, so there is no need to use the tool.

How to delete my old Blogger site in Google Search Console?

The website created on Blogger is also removed like a common property, for more information you can help this article. [Remove a property]

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