About Squoosh V2 Free Image Compressor - FAQ

Squoosh V2 is a free image compressor, available as a web app (squoosh app) and as a desktop app. It's designed to significantly reduce the size of images while preserving the quality of the images.

Squoosh V2 offers a desktop application that is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. This application allows you to efficiently reduce the size of your images without compromising on the image quality. You can now bid farewell to the outdated bulky image compressor tools. This free app optimizes your photos in seconds, providing you with greater control over the clarity and crispness of the images. No matter what your platform is, you can easily compress your JPGs, PNGs, and WebPs images with ease.

FAQs About Squoosh

First of all, know what Squoosh is?

So, According to the official page "Squoosh is an image compression web app that allows you to dive into the advanced options provided by various image compressors." Squoosh README on GitHub

Does Squoosh App save our data?

In the right way, it does not save any data, except for basic monitoring which all the other websites do in today's manner, to understand their users and to make their product even better.

If the official page is considered, then Squoosh uses Google Analytics to track the Basic visit data.

How do I use Squoosh?

Open in Browser. Squoosh works in all major web browsers and mobile devices. Open a web browser search for "Squoosh" or just go to the "https://squoosh.app". Drag & Drop or Select an Image to upload from the device and that's it.

Can we compress many images at once with the help of Squoosh application?

We can do this after the update of the application that came in December 2020. Because of the latest update that is Squoosh CLI.

What is Squoosh CLI?

The official says Squoosh CLI is an experimental way to run all the codecs you know from the Squoosh web app on your command line using WebAssembly. The Squoosh CLI uses a worker pool to parallelize processing images. This way you can apply the same codec to many images at once."

What's new in the new application?

The app with more codecs supports a new design and a new way to use Squoosh on your command line called Squoosh CLI.

New codecs support

  • OxiPNG
  • MozJPEG
  • WebP
  • AVIF

In which framework is Squoosh Application made?

The Squoosh CLI is written in Node and makes use of the exact same WebAssembly modules the PWA uses.

Can we use Squoosh without the internet?"

This is a desktop PWA that works perfectly without the internet. No internet connection needed to run Squoosh Application.

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