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Saket Gupta
You know I like to do SEO and optimize the website for the visitors, and you also know that I am a Google PE who lives in New Delhi, India.

As this page is about, I want to tell you something about how I started doing SEO and why I made iSKGTi.com, and yes what iSKGTi means.

These are the days when PC used to have Windows 95, I learned the computer from that and since then I have used all the windows versions, Currently using Windows 10 Pro. I got my personal computer in 2000 and an internet connection on that PC in 2001.

Like every child, I used to use MS Paint, but I had a habit of learning from the beginning, so I always try new things. Using Yahoo Messenger and Windows Live Messenger, chat rooms, checking online exam results, searching images from Google for school projects, I used to use my PC for all this. Haan! also, I used to play NFS 2 and Aladin.

In the school project, I had to create a web page, make as much as I could with the help of the school book, but I was curious how I could improve it further so I started learning web development and optimization on the Internet.

Today, there are very good courses and tutorials websites available, but it was not on my time, I had to spend a lot of time to learn one small thing.

Even now I see that the solution to almost everything is on the internet but a lot of effort was required to find it. People like me who are learning web development or SEO by themselves, then I will write some good articles for them to save their time because “Time is Money”.

begins my website, I will write articles in Hindi and English for new webmasters and SEOs, while on the other hand, I will share information with you along with other Product Experts.

“iSKGTi” is just some of the letters in my name that help me create user handles for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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