How to find your name in Google?

How are you guys, today we have brought another fun article for you, "How to find your name in Google?"

This is a fun topic, everyone searches themselves on Google once now whether it is to see your house on Google map or to search the name of your crush on Google we all have done this.

But do you know? Google has published a different tool for that like you can tell Google about yourself so that if someone searches you, your information can reach him/her, Isn't it fun?

So without making this article too long let’s come to the point. “How to find ourselves in Google?” and “how we can share our information with Google.” without any high-tech method.

Google People Card

Let’s start with how we can share our information with Google?

To do this we have two option

1) In the first option, all you have to do is open your account in Google [LINK], you can add your information whatever you want to share, you have the control that which information you want to make public.

2) This method is easier than the previous one, In it, you have to search “add me to google” or ”edit my people card” on Google Application or Google Web Search, and then at the top of search results, you'll find the option to add yourself to Google Search. Tap Get started.

Now, in this way, more than one person will create their profile on Google, Now how will we know if the right profile is being opened in your name? Google has also shared a tip to understand this.

Tip:If you share a name with someone famous, you might need to add a distinguishable term to your profile. This term will help other people in their search queries. For example, “Saket Gupta SEO” or “Saket Gupta Google Expert.”

There is also a third way which is very easy, Start doing something awesome that people start discussing your name about you, then Google starts getting your information from other websites.

How to find your name on Google?

Now you have given a lot of information, let’s understand how to search for yourself on Google.

First, set your browser to incognito or private mode and log out of your Google accounts, If not, Google will feel that we are searching to edit our profile.

Now search your name on Google, this is the main step.

If you are very famous and you want to take care of your reputation then Google has created an article for that as well. whose link I am sharing with you: Manage your online reputation.

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To Remove your people card or your profile information.

  • Go to
  • Make sure you’re signed in to your Google Account.
  • Search for “edit my people card.”
  • To remove your card and its content from search results, tap Remove my search card from Google
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