Free Person Schema Markup Generator

This is a free online Person Schema Markup Generator tool that helps you to create schema markup for free. It is easy to use and you don't need to know anything about schema markup to get started. Just enter the details and the tool will create the JSON-LD schema markup for you.


About Person Schema Markup Generator

1. Is Person Schema Markup Generator tool free?
Absolutely free, you can use Schema Generator tool without paying any cost.

2. In which format Person Schema Markup Generator tool generate the code?
Google has recommended JSON-LD, so we have followed the recommendations.

3. After the Schema code created, where do we paste it to the page?
According to Google: A JavaScript notation embedded in a "script" tag in the page head or body of the page. [Read More]

4. What is the benefit of using Person Schema Markup Generator?
Structured data is a standardized format for providing information about a page, So to help you, we created this Person Schema Markup Generator in which you can create structure data without any coding.

5. How to use Person Schema Markup Generator tool?
It is very easy to use it, just enter the values in the given field and your code will be ready below. It's like COPY and PASTE.

6. Which properties are required for Person Rich Result in SERP?
Right now, there is no official announcement from Google about the Person Rich Results in SERP but by researching, us we have found that this property is necessary for a valid markup.

7. How to check whether the tool's output is correct?
We have made the tool live by checking everything, yet you can check the output code with the help of Structure Data Testing Tool and Rich Result Tool.

8. Do you save the data filled in the tool?
No!, Keeping all the privacy in mind, this tool has been made so that all the data is deleted after reloading the page.

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