Free Video Rich Schema Markup Generator

About: Use this free Video Rich Schema Markup Generator (JSON-LD) to create your video structured data, it includes all of the required item properties and more.


Video Schema Markup Generator includes the required properties which are important to produce a Rich results.

About Video Schema Markup Generator

1. Is Video Schema Markup Generator tool free?
Yes, this markup generator tool is absolutely free.

2. In which format Video Schema Markup Generator tool generate the code?
We can create structure data in 3 formats, but Google has recommended JSON-LD, so we have followed the recommendations.

3. After the Code is created, where do we paste it to the page?
According to Google: A JavaScript notation embedded in a "script" tag in the page head or body of the page. [Read More]

4. What is the benefit of using Video Schema Markup Generator?
Structured data is a standardized format for providing information about a page, So to help you, we created this Video Schema Markup Generator in which you can create structure data without any coding.

5. How to use Video Schema Markup Generator tool?
It is very easy to use it, just enter the values in the given field and your code will be ready below.

6. Which properties are required for Video Rich Results?
According to Google: You must include the required VideoObject properties "description", "name", "thumbnailUrl", and "uploadDate", for your content to be eligible for display as a video rich result.

With this, Google has also sugesseted to add some optional properties like: "Embed url", "Publisher", "duration", "contentUrl" which you can find in the tool as well.

7. How to check whether the tool's output is correct?
We have made the tool live by checking everything, yet you can check the output code with the help of Structure Data Testing Tool and Rich Result Tool.

8. Do you save the data filled in the tool?
No!, Keeping all the privacy in mind, this tool has been made so that all the data is deleted after reloading the page.

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