SEO Scores from SEO Tools for Better Ranking?

Would you like your webpage to rank higher on Google's search engine result page (SERP)? If the answer is yes, you may be inclined to use certain SEO tools that promise to measure your page's performance or provide an SEO score based on different metrics and scores.

It's important to note that Google doesn't take these tools into account when determining your page's ranking. In fact, Google has released a video on its Search Console channel to make this clear.

In the video, John Mueller, a senior webmaster trends analyst at Google, clarifies that Google does not rely on third-party metrics or scores to assess your page's quality even for some own Google-created tools like Page Speed Insights. While such tools can offer useful insights and suggestions, they do not correspond to Google's ranking factors.

So, relying on these tools for suggestions is fine but as may contain outdated or erroneous information that could lead to incorrect decisions.

It is important to note that various SEO tools may provide varying scores for a single page due to their individual criteria and algorithms. However, according to Mueller, these scores may not be incorrect, but they hold no relevance for Google. Therefore, webmasters should concentrate on enhancing the quality of their website content, user experience, and technical aspects rather than pursuing any specific tool.

The main takeaway from the video is that Google does not care about other SEO tools' matrices and scores. The only way to rank your page on Google's SERP is to follow Google's guidelines and best practices, which you can find on the Search Console help center. You can also use the Search Console tool to monitor your site's performance and issues and get tips and recommendations from Google.

Still, If you have any questions or queries related to your specific domain, you can ask directly from an expert by posting your query on the Google Search Central Help Community (Hindi).

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