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About: This meta generator tool is a free tool that allows you to create a meta tag for your page and also see how it looks on SERP.

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Now if I only tell you about the tool, this content will not be very useful, so I am sharing some tips as well as frequently asked questions (FAQ) that are useful in snippets of the page.

Page Title Optimization Tips:

  • 5 to 9 words, with the most significant parts in the first
  • 65 characters max
  • Each page should have its own unique page title.
  • Generic words such as "website home" or "welcome to" usually should not appear in your page title.
  • Ensure your page title differentiates your site from competing sites.

Page Meta Description Optimization Tips:

  • Should be a sentence to a couple of sentences long.
  • 150-160 characters max
  • Each page should have its own unique meta description.
  • Generic words such as "website home" or "welcome to" usually should not appear in your page title.

Here are a few selected tips, I have made a separate article, in which all the necessary on-page optimization tips have been shared.

FAQ Tool and Title and Meta Description

1. Meta tags are added to which part of the page? Can we do them in the body?
The “meta tag” defines metadata about an HTML page, according to rules “meta tags” always go inside the element, not in the body element.

2. Why Title and Description tags are important?
Your page title is the link that will appear in search results along with the description content. Since it is what people click on in the search results and is the first thing people see about your site. "The first impression is the last impression".

3. Do meta tags help SEO?
Meta Tags make it easier for search engines to determine what your page/content is about. It is like the cover of your book so yes! meta tags help SEO.

4. Which tags are required to generate a page snippet?
According to Google, the page title tag and meta description, these two things are important, if you want, you can give more information to Google for your snippet with the help of structured data.

5. Which tags are used in the Meta Tag Generator Tool?

We have used the following tags

  • Title Tag: title of the page.
  • Meta Description Tag: description of the page.
  • Robots Tag (noindex): If you do not want to index a page, you can use it.
  • Robots Tag (nofollow): nofollow is a setting on a web page hyperlink that directs search engines not to use the link for page ranking calculations.
  • Keyword Tag: It is not used by any search engine.

All the questions that I have shared with you, my friend has asked me about the title of the page Description, if you have any question which is not there, you can also ask me.

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